Logan Square Milwaukee Avenue SSA Study

The Logan Square Chamber of Commerce initiated this study to to understand whether additional neighborhood support services and business resources are needed along Milwaukee Avenue, and if so what types and where.

  • How can we support and protect businesses along Milwaukee Ave?
  • What ways can we celebrate Logan Square’s culture and history?
  • What tools can help address vacancies and rising rents?
  • What about cleaning and greening the corridor, plazas and gardens?

These are some of the key questions we will be exploring as part of the Logan Square Milwaukee Avenue SSA Study. The Chamber along with many long-standing organizations and dedicated volunteers, serve as advocates for the neighborhood. However, resources and staff are limited and needs along Milwaukee Avenue are growing. Over the coming months, we will be conducting coffee meet-ups, community meetings, and a needs assessment survey to learn what the issues, concerns, and needs are within the study area. An Advisory Board comprised of businesses, residents, and property owners has been convened to help guide the process. Depending on the feedback and support received, a budget amount will be determined and an SSA application will be submitted to the City.

What have we heard so far?

“Clean-Up the Garbage”

“There is a lot of trash that blows around. I’d like to see it be a clean environment for everyone to enjoy.”

“Maintain the Square”

“Landscaping assistance and maintenance at the Square would go a long way. The big trash bins are unsightly, too.”

“Fill the Empty Tree Pits”

“There are a lot of sidewalk tree pits along Milwaukee Avenue that are empty. Let’s fill them in trees, please.”

“Sidewalk Snow Plowing”

“I don’t always get to my business first thing in the morning because it opens later; sidewalk snow plowing would be nice.”

“More Food and Music Events”

“The beauty is in bringing people together, food and music are universal.”

“Better Lighting + Security”

“It gets really dark around my business at night, lighting would be great to make it feel welcoming and safer.”

Local listening and learning sessions are already underway, click here to learn more.

What types of services do SSAs provide?

SSAs provide a wide range of services based on local needs and concerns. These services are in addition to those provided by the City and must be concentrated within the SSA boundaries. Common service categories include but are not limited to: Small Business Marketing, Facade and Security Camera Rebates, Corridor Maintenance, Trash Pick-Up and Beautification, Tree Installations and Local Landscaping, Cultural Art, Events and Programming, Community Grants, and Sidewalk Snow Plowing. The City of Chicago currently has over 50 Special Services Areas; above are photo examples of how other SSAs have applied funds.

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